Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I just wrote a new post and accidentally deleted it. Needless to say I am frustrated and will try to post again later.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It has been awhile.

I am embarrassed that it has taken me so long to get back to posting. Last week was crazy busy and I have been sick again.
Not only did I have My Boy's birthday, we also celebrated Baby Bugs Birthday. We had family over for cake and ice cream to celebrate both birthdays.
My son's only request was that his cake was to be chocolate. Since I was going to put quite the effort into his hamburger cake I just bought one for the family party.

I got this beauty at Samm's club. I bought large star sprinkles and matching star candles at Walmart. hint: shop in the party favor section, the candles are cuter and cheaper. The sprinkles were from the cake decorating section in crafts.

Baby Bug loves Raspberries. So I piled them high on a made from scratch Raspberries lace cake. I find anything piled high on a cake to be impressive. Try chopped up candy bars or even gum balls.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What do Giants eat?

I had the Giant party yesterday. It was a giant pain and a giant success. When the kids arrived we secured their little feet inside file boxes. These were their giant shoes. Next they wore dish washing gloves for their giant hands. We played a few games in this getup then let them take them off to smash the giant present pinata. After eating a giant slice of pizza I revealed what giants eat.
A giant hamburger, fries and a drink. This was large version of Bakerella's mini burgers. Eat was so easy to make.
What a cake!
I am so glad the boy is 6 and the party is over.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What's the big idea?

My baby boy is turning 6 next week! I dragged my feet as long as I could about whether or not to have a party. After a lot of outside opinions I gave in.
It's not going to be just a party. It's going to be a Giant party.
Here are the invitations.

I will work on getting these last minute giant invitations delivered. Come back next week to see what I Giant eats at a giant party.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's how we roll

Although summer is almost over, I still like a cold treat whenever I can get one. This frozen log of love (oh yes, it's a log and it is full of love) is good in any weather.
Homemade Ice Cream Cake Roll (MIL recipe):
1 chocolate cake mix
6 eggs
2/3 cup water
2 half gallon blocks ice cream any flavor (Blocks are hard to find. I had to use the cylinder and it has less ice cream in it.)
Beat the eggs a couple of minutes then add the water. Beat the cake mix into egg mixture till light and fluffy. Cover to jelly roll pans (cookie sheets) with waxed paper. Divide batter evenly and spread out on pans. Bake 16-18 minutes at 325 degrees.
While cake is a warm from the oven, sprinkle a plain cotton dish towel with powered sugar. Turn warm cake upside down on sugared towel. Peel of wax paper and roll the cake with towel.

Let cool. This will help prevent big cracks from forming when you roll the ice cream and cake.

Cut ice cream into slices.

Place slices onto unrolled cake.

Using the back of a large spoon press ice cream and smooth in cracks.

Roll up length wise.

Some cracks will occur. No worries. Just wrap tightly in plastic wrap and cracks will disappear. Freeze until firm. It helps the rolls quality to also wrap a couple of grocery bags around finished roll before freezing longer than a couple of days.

Slice and serve. You could also drizzle with your favorite topping.

Remember: this recipe makes to Ice Cream Cake Rolls, so there is enough to share or enough to last through your favorite TV show.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Piles and Piles of Presents

Ahhhh, I'm late! I am just catching the tail end of Tuesdays Trash for Treasure with Kimm @ Reinvented. Wait, it's Tuesday right?
It has been a rough day. Starting with Baby Bug being covered in an awful rash and ending in Wild Child falling asleep with a Migraine and a whole lot of crazy in between. Still, I love my trash and wanted to share another 2x4 scrap idea with you.
So, stain your scraps. Size doesn't really matter. (In fact go larger for a bigger impact.) Any scrap will do.

Then Mod Podge scrap paper to your blocks and tie on some ribbon.
There you have it. You can make piles and piles of tiny wooden presents to add a bit of Christmas flare to any shelf or counter top.

Wrap them up in cellophane and you have a great friend or neighbor gift for this upcoming holiday season.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rock Star

This past Saturday I attended a baby shower for one of my little cousins. I say little, but of course that is just my perspective. Oh I am getting older and none the wiser. Anyhoo didly doo, it was great to see my cousins. While there my cousin (hmmm, I didn't ask to use her name) S, showed me a cute little rock covered in melted crayon. So cute, so fun and of course cheap and easy.
For this activity you will need to send your kids on a rock hunt. Just about any rock will do. However, a smooth rock looks better.
Place rocks on a baking sheet. Heat rocks in oven until they are hot. I just put them in while the oven was pre-heating to 375 degrees, then removed them when the oven had reached it's goal.
Give each child a piece of wax paper. After giving a lesson on not touching hot things, place the rock on the wax paper and give your little artist some crayons. This is a great way to use you broken crayons.

The crayons will melt as soon as they touch the hot rock. Caution: the rocks stay hot for a long time.

Even Baby Bug (2) was able to color a rock.

My kids had a blast and I hope yours will too. Thank you Cousin S!

By the way, if you do any of the crafts, activities or other idea's be sure to let me know. I would love to see what you have done.