Saturday, September 5, 2009

Have you seen it?

Watching a movie with your girlfriends is always a good time. Watching a good movie with your friends is side splitting great time. A couple of nights ago my gals and I went to see Julie & Julia. It wasn't a film I was dying to see, but I was happy to be going. I am glad I did. It was funny and interesting. We laughed and talked a whole lot more than we should have.
It had a few moments where we heard a few words that caught us of guard other than that is was pure good fun. I was excited to look up the real blog the movie was based on. So I did yesterday. Let me tell you, in the movie she mentioned that she used some profane language in her blog. That statement was greatly down played. She uses it a lot. For that reason I am not posting the link. The writing was not nearly as entertaining as my fellow bloggers. Good examples are: and Those two ladies have talent. take everyday happenings and things that aren't happening at all and make them funny. Try those links instead, but do see the movie if you are old enough!


Amy said...

Have not seen it but I have the book.

MiMi said...

Omagosh! Thank you thank you for the shout out! You are too kind! :)

Bobbi Jo said...

Hubby and I went to see this yesterday. I LOVED it! I thought it was very good. Hugs, Bobbi Jo