Monday, September 14, 2009

Rock Star

This past Saturday I attended a baby shower for one of my little cousins. I say little, but of course that is just my perspective. Oh I am getting older and none the wiser. Anyhoo didly doo, it was great to see my cousins. While there my cousin (hmmm, I didn't ask to use her name) S, showed me a cute little rock covered in melted crayon. So cute, so fun and of course cheap and easy.
For this activity you will need to send your kids on a rock hunt. Just about any rock will do. However, a smooth rock looks better.
Place rocks on a baking sheet. Heat rocks in oven until they are hot. I just put them in while the oven was pre-heating to 375 degrees, then removed them when the oven had reached it's goal.
Give each child a piece of wax paper. After giving a lesson on not touching hot things, place the rock on the wax paper and give your little artist some crayons. This is a great way to use you broken crayons.

The crayons will melt as soon as they touch the hot rock. Caution: the rocks stay hot for a long time.

Even Baby Bug (2) was able to color a rock.

My kids had a blast and I hope yours will too. Thank you Cousin S!

By the way, if you do any of the crafts, activities or other idea's be sure to let me know. I would love to see what you have done.


Caro's Thrifty Adventures said...

Cool idea! And does it stay like this a long time or do you have to protect it?

MiMi said...

Oh those are really cute!

Amy said...

That's what you do with old crayons and rocks.

Daryl and Ashley said...

Cute idea... I wouldn't have to worry about Kamri burning herself, because I would do it before she would!

Melissa said...

The crayon will stay on and is somewhat water proof. It's wax so it can stand up to somewhat of a beating. Then again, crayon can be scratched and smudged with finger nails and firm smooshings. :)

~~Mel~~ said...

Very neat idea...we have a ton of broken and old crayons to find a use for.

Shian said...

You make me laugh. You could have used my name. I'm glad your kids loved it. Gav's friends always thinks he has the coolest mom when we make these.