Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gleaming white

Has anyone ever fought a long hard battle with that orange scum in/on and around their jetted tubs? I had. I use to take the jets and filter cover off and scrub them. I would also use q-tips to clean inside the jets. It took forever and generally didn't last more than a couple of days. Then one day I filled the tub just barely over the jets with cool water and added 1-2 cups of bleach. I ran the jets for about 10 minutes. I couldn't believe how clean they were and it keeps the orange scum at bay for up to 3 months.
As I was walking with the bleach in hand, over my newish carpet, I shuddered to think that if I tripped my carpet would be in ruins. I can't store the bleach in the bathroom, it would be to easy for my kids to get into. So, here it is Clorox... please make a tablet similar to the ones for the toilet tank, but quick dissolving and highly concentrated. So all we have to do is toss it in. No more mess. Okay, now if they actually hear my plea, I will be a happy cleaner, until the next problem arises.
Here is a little tip for cleaning the tough ring around toilets. Use a pumice stone. The stones pictured below are a lot cuter than mine.
The real tip is to pour a bucket of water into your toilet first. This lowers the level of water and then you can attack the ring with your stone. Be sure to use back and forth motions or you will scratch your porcelain.


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Thanks for the tip on RING AROUND THE TOILET.....It drives me batty!

A bleach tablet would also be fab.

Lisa said...

Great tip. I have to you have any tips for cleaning an old, cheap white linoleum? I live in an apartment. The kitchen is the only entrance and exit and we spend a lot of time in there. I've resorted to scrubbing on my hands and knees with Bar Keeper's Friend and it looks ok (just ok) for about 2 minutes. I'm getting a swiffer so that I can mop more often (because I'm not hauling a mop and bucket out three times a day, I'm just saying) but I would love to get it actually white in the first place. If you have any secrets I would be thrilled to hear them. Love your blog!

Daryl and Ashley said...

Ma-freaking-lissa! I LOVE YOU! You have answered 2 of my most painful problems! So you just dump a bucket of water in the toilet and that's it? I am going to go home and try the bleach with my jetted tub! I hope it will work mine is over 12 years old! It's worth a try! You have just made my Saturday cleaning days... a whole lot happier!