Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great Cans

Every week I think I am going to be ready for Trash to Treasure Tuesdays with Kimm @ Reinvented. Yet every Tuesday seems to come a little faster than the last and I am caught of guard. Next week I will have a piece of furniture ready to go. This week is a fun activity for the family using soup cans.
All you will need is:
Empty clean aluminum cans
Fill your cans with water and freeze over night. The ice will give you cans needed strength.
Place cans on their side on top of towels. Punch holes into cans using your nail and hammer. You can plan a design or use a random approach. You would like a lantern look, punch two holes across from one another at the top and add a wire handle.
Place cans upside down outside or inside your kitchen sink. You can run hot water over them is you are in a hurry.

Once they are dry you are good to go. They are great for camping or a beautiful center piece for a great summer meal.

I think we all know by now that I am not photographer and my camera is a bit outdated.

Another great way to use your trash.


Amy said...

That is different. Hope you are having a great week..

Vivienne said...

Wonderful! The ice is a great idea!

Daryl and Ashley said...

That is a great idea Melissa!

Lisa said...


MiMi said...

I'm gonna have to do that for our camping trip! The boys will LOVE it!

DawnB said...

I love this idea & have done it w/my Sunday School class. My only problem was that we did this COLD craft on a winter day in an unheated room ... omgosh, I still giggle b/c the kids liked the craft so much that they did it even when their little fingers were stinging from the cold. I just didn't plan that one well! This is a great homespun craft.