Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frame tutorial

I finally finished up another frame for craft it forward. Wow, it's a good thing I got procrastination out of the way. Just in time to be several days late for Mod Podge Mania @ This is the Year with Xazmin.

You will need:
A wooden frame (from Michaels)
Wooden letters (optional)
Scrap paper
Mod Podge
Ribbon (optional)
Embellishments (optional)

Paint or stain frame and peg. (the peg comes with the frame)

Trace frame on paper. I include the dot to represent were the hole for the peg is on the back so that when I glue the paper I know exactly what direction to place it. Be careful were you place frame. I have cut the paper several times to find out I included that little white strip on the bottom of the paper. (Classic Melissa :))

Paint letters. I also inked the edges.

Mod Podge it all together.

I love these little stickers on frames for girls.

These frames make great gifts! They would be even better with pictures of me in them. No they wouldn't. I joke. I would never be that mean.


Mimi Lee said...

Ha Ha they would look great with your picture in them! You did a great job! Love them

MiMi said...

You're silly!
I have that frame, where did you get those letters? Michaels??
I wanna make one.
Or, you could make me one!?
I kid, I kid. :)

Christie said...

Very cute! I really love how you added the letters especially the oversized first letter. I've never "inked" that pretty easy to do?

Melissa said...

I never know really where I should address question's about a post. I am going to answer here and hope those who asked will get their answer.

Mimi - Yes, you can find the letters at Michaels. The small ones are usually found on an endcap.

Christie - I love inking. I use a scrap book paper ink pad, sometimes called a cats eye. It's very easy to do, just do it lightly and add more as needed. You just rub the edge lightly with the ink pad.

Nicole said...

Ooohhh...crafts! Count me in :D

Xazmin said...

I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing them...I'm so glad you linked up!

I'm sooo stealing this idea!

The Griffin Crew said...

I love mine thank you so much!!

Britney said...

Yeah, there is Brynn's! Way cute, thanks so much!!!