Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Freezing in August

Quite some time ago, I participated in a frozen meal club. It was so much fun to come home with 9 other meals. However, for me, it was just too stressful to continue. I began to do the whole 30 meals in one day thing. That was fantastic. I could make exactly what my family would eat and there was no chance of ending up with 3 of the same meal unless I planned it that way. Still, it is hard to plan that many meals, shop and find a whole day to cook without kid involvement.
Lately I have needed to find a way to incorporate freezer meals back into my cooking practices. I also want to find a way to bring back the joy of eating something I didn't have to do all of the work for.
Keeping in mind some of the rules from the freezer club I went to Wal Mart in search of freezer meals. The rules: $80 10 meals, must feed 6 (for us we only have 2 of us it will eat it some times and the other 3 count as only 1 1/2 people. So I was aiming for feeding fewer but maybe a couple more meals.) Luck would have it that the store was full of straight from the freezer to a heat source to plate meals.
Each meal shown below was $5-$6. So I spent about $40 on 7 meals. Not too bad. I also compared how much they cost and how many they would feed to the Schwan man prices. Wal Mart of course beat those prices by a large margin.
We have tried the following 2 meals.
The frozen beans tasted just like frozen beans. What a shocker. We like it though. We absolutely love these stuffed breasts. The Artichoke stuffed breast is the best. These were more of a splurge at $5 dollars for two breasts, but I love them.
I will still be making some of my own freezer meals, but having these bad boys on hand will make it a bit easier for now.


MiMi said...

Sometimes I'll take a Sunday and cook a couple freezer meals. It can get overwhelming just making a couple. But OH SO NICE to get something homemade outta the freezer without having to "work." At least work that day, that is.

Amber said...

Have you heard of the Make a Mix cook books? I love them. You basically cook a bunch of meat and freeze it and then have a bunch of different recipes to use it. Very handy. I also like to use those skillet meals in a soup base for a fast and easy yummy soup.

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

I agree that having a few frozen dinners on the ready can be so handy. And necessary for some days! :)

Vivienne said...

Frozen dinners are the best! I will stock up on frozen pizzas/kid friendly things for when Hubs and I each have a meeting/evening plans and the kids are kind of on their own that night. But for when I'm just pressed for time, I make extra chili, soups and lasagna sauces and freeze them whenever I cook.