Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giving it my best

You may have noticed the Etsy shop thing- a-ma-bob on my sidebar. That me, I'm MiniMoo Designs. I have been feeling a bit lost. A little missy without an identity. A couple of weeks ago I went to a baby shower where my husbands Aunt showed me these cute baby wipe containers. I went home and made a few. I absolutely enjoyed doing it. I wanted so much to make more. I started asking around to see if there would be any interest in buying one. While talking to a friend she explained that she wanted something to replace her Ziplock bag that she currently was keeping her diapers and wipes in. I thought a bit and altered my design to include a diaper attachment. I was having a hard time keeping my excitement to my self. It would build each time I designed a new case.

I have, in the past week, gone from excited to discouraged and back again. I imagine as I go for with MiniMoo Designs I will be met with more excitement and discouragement. I hope that I don't let the discouragement hold me back, because I really feel that I am on to something.

I challenge everyone to do something you have been putting off due to fear. Get it done my friends.


Jana said...

Good for you, but I hope you will realize how great you are whether you do this or not!!!! I can tell it makes you happy and that is a good reason to continue!! You are Awesome!!!! Thanks for everything!! Good Luck with it, I love them!! :)

The Griffin Crew said...

Those are darling!!! I love Minimoo how clever!! Those are so cute you did a great job!

Britney said...

Love them Miss! Etsy is the best and I often shop there. I think the trick is getting your product out there. I've seen sometimes where people will offer a free product contest to someone who blogs about a product and includes a link to your Etsy store? Just an idea. Very cute and I wish you the best of luck!!!