Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yummy and Easy

Maybe this isn't the best timing for this post. Yesterday I posted about eating better and exercising. Today I post a dessert. Don't leave me yet, this is a lower fat version.
My sister-in-law brought this to a family reunion. It was so delicious.
You will need:
Brownies 13 x9 pan(I used brownie edge pieces)
Cool Whip 16 oz.(I used 8 oz.)
Prepared Chocolate pudding Large box (I used small)
You can cut this recipe in half. Really you can adjust any of the ingredients in the recipe. Instead of a pan of brownies, I saved all the edges from previous brownie parties in the freezer and broke them up to add to this awesome dessert. I know some people actually like to eat the edges, not me too dry. It doesn't matter in this dessert, the pudding makes everything okay.
I didn't have a pretty glass dish so I used a glass casserole pan. Layer all ingredients until they are gone. Cover and refrigerate over night for best results. This could also be made in pretty wine glasses.
I used light cool whip, fat free could be used. When making the pudding I used skim milk. Brownies off course are just wonderful brownies I didn't change the recipe. I am not cray you know. Okay, maybe a little.

Warning: this dessert is so very good!

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Jana said...

It sure looks yummy, I would eat the whole dang thing, so if anyone I know makes this please save me some!!! :)