Friday, April 24, 2009

Think outside the cereal box

Most everyone loves Rice Krispie treats. So why stop at the original. Go crazy and use any cereal you have and love. Also, there is no need to go by a whole box of something unless you need a lot of treats. Use what you have and adjust the recipe. You can use a couple of Tbl. of butter, 20 or so marshmallows and 4 cups of cereal.

Pictured below, is Trix Treats. I had a variety of treats on a plate and these were the first to go. You could cut a large square of these and wrap it in cellophane tie with a brightly colored ribbon. Bam, you have a little gift for a friends birthday, a treat for a shower, a surprise for your kids and much more. Add sprinkles or stack a few like a layered cake and decorate.

On the plate is cocoa puffs treats, Reeses Treats, Cherrios with mini M&Ms, Cornflake treats with chocolate chips, Trick Treats. Don't let the shape hold you down either. Roll them in balls, cut with cookie cutters or press into molds. Stick a stick in them, just go crispie crazy. Visit the Krispie homepage for fun idea's with Rice Krispies.


The Griffin Crew said...

oh those look so good!! melissa you are doing a great job on this blog it is so fun to read!! Thanks

Jana said...

They were very tasty glad I had to have two since they were unfortunately stuck together!! LOL

J.J. said... kids would go nuts-o if they saw this! I might have to try this for them!

I came over from Amber's blog. (the EM Me edition) Just checking in. took me forever to start using my MP3player. Now I just listen to whatever is on the satellite radio on my phone. Easy easy!'