Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello kitty! Good bye sanity.

I am one tired gal. I held a birthday party for my daughter who will be 4 tomorrow. We had 10 attending the grand event. Party planning is much harder than I had anticipated. I didn't have anything to break the pinata with, the games went to fast and the older girls were noticeable bored. All in all, it was a great party. I attempted to make Hello Kitty Cake Pops, idea courtesy of Bakerella. Ohhhhh my, make the headache stop. These little puppies, excuse me, little kitties are not easy to make. Simply finding a black edible marker is hard enough. Just when I thought I was getting it, one of the blasted little heads would fall off or get stuck to another. Worst yet, a whole foam block of them fell over. Some of them turned out pretty well. I used black decorators gel instead of the marker. It would go on thin enough to make whiskers.

Hey, who invited the chicken?

Why so sad kitty?

I found at Wal Mart a pin the tail on the donkey kit for only 97 cents. It was a great find. I am so glad it's over and I will now finish my bowl of microwave rubber rice.


Jana said...

How fun, and I think the kitties turned out sooooo cute!! You always have such fun things planned even when there are no special occasions!!! :) Happy Birthday Katie!!!! :)

Britney said...

Super, awesome, great job! These turned out great!!! I'm a bakerella fan too and have contemplated making the cupcake cake pops for Brynn's birthday next month? Don't know if that will happen or not. Hope the party went well and Happy Birthday to Katie. 4!?!? WOW!
You must be a pioneer woman fan too, right?