Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ruin your cake and eat too.

I love making cakes for friends and family. Creating something that reflects a bit of who they are makes me feel great. Unfortunately my daughter's 4th birthday had been a bit stressful. I had made cake pops for her friend party, so I was a bit caked out. My plan was to bake a chocolate cake from scratch and to decorate with as many sprinkles, sparkles and wild party things I could find. When it came time to dump the cake out of the pan, I found that I had forgotten to flour the pan after I greased it. Both round cakes came out in about 3 pieces each. I put them back together and hoped they would glue back together while they cooled. They didn't, as I tried to put the pieces on the cake plate it just got worse. I thought about throwing away the pieces of failure and run to the store 15 minutes before the guests arrived and pay $20 + to save my dignity. Then I remembered I didn't have $20 or dignity, so I would make due.

Yep, it's a bowl cake. I just tore the cake into bite sized pieces. Tossed it into a bowl, heated the frosting in the microwave, then drizzled it over the cake. I added the sprinkles to partify the cake. I thought it tasted yummy. My family thought I had tried a new recipe and they liked it.
Don't ever except failure!


onegirliegirl said...

Honestly, that cake looks delicious!!

Very quick thinking on your part!

xoxo ~Lisa

Anonymous said...

I had the very same thing happen to me once. The bad thing was that it was a soccer cake for my son's birthday party.
I just crumbled the pieces in a rectangle pan, pressed them down, covered it with frosting, sprinkled some green coconut on top, and it became a soccer field cake. I added a few lego men in kicking position to make it complete. None of the guests know about my mistake!