Monday, April 20, 2009

Kid Food

I always told if I fed my kids what we ate at a young age, they would be good eaters. That was not true for my family. They are typical kids, who are picky about food. We they eat the basic kid cuisine including: Mac & Cheese, plain noodles, things served on a stick, grilled cheese(no crust), occasionally peanut butter & jelly (they love uncrustables/jams) and lately stuffed shells. When I made the stuffed shells I had them help me pour, mix and stuff. When I served it for dinner I reminded them that they made it. They tried it and loved it. Another way we get them to eat, is to play an exhausting game of don't it that bite. I will help them get a bite of something on their fork, then I say don't eat my bite. I continue to tell them not to eat while I look away or act distracted. They giggle and eat it. I then make a big deal about it and get them another bite and continue until most everything is gone.
This is my latest concoction. Mozzarella stuffed Lasagna noodles. We had this with our little friends. They all loved it, but one little guy. He just didn't like the cheese. It was easy and something new for their little tummies.

We love to serve Campbell's chicken noodle soup with Cinnamon rolls for lunch play dates. You can use frozen, refrigerated and homemade.


The Griffin Crew said...

how fun and very creative I will have to try those tricks in getting my kids to eat!!

Andrea said...

I always need new ideas. You can only serve chicken nuggets for so many meals before your guilt kicks in! I am on my way to the pantry to dig out some lasagna noodles. Yum!

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