Friday, May 22, 2009

Bathroom Artist

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I am sure most Mother's, Dad's, Grandma's and other care givers have those days were they just need a minute. A minute without some little tike pulling at their pant leg begging to be entertained. This is a little activity I have shared with my friends. It fun for the kids and doesn't leave a big mess for Mom to clean up.
All you need is paper(I prefer to use stuff that has print on one side and would other wise be thrown away), tape, watercolors, paint brush and tape. Just tape paper to your shower walls. Dress kid in swimsuit, diaper or do this before their bath. Give them a cup of water, water colors and paintbrush and let them get busy painting a masterpiece. Afterwards quickly clean walls and kids with a splash of water. My kids enjoy this activity for at least 30 minutes. I do not recommend filling the tub up with water.


Amy said...

I never thought to do it that way.

Vivienne said...

I never have little people hanging on me and bugging me. I've never heard of this behavior before.

(Am going to collect scrap paper, paints, a 5 year old and head for the tub right now!!!!)

Xazmin said...

What a great idea! I'm definitely letting my girls do this over the weekend!

TwoHeartsTogether said...

I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award!
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~Samantha at TwoHeartsTogether

~~Mel~~ said...

What a fantastic way to paint without much mess! Great idea!