Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Puzzling Activity

Every kid, no matter what their age, loves to receive mail. This activity is meant to connect friends and family and give the kids something to look forward to. I bought package of two puzzles from the Dollar Tree. Fifty cents a puzzle, not to bad. I then got all of my scrap paper and let the kids use their creativity to make cards.

I assembled the puzzle. Then I numbered 10 envelopes per puzzle 1-10. I took the puzzle pieces 5 at a time, careful to keep them in order and placed them in the envelopes.

I wrote a little poem to go with the pieces and card.

I am excited that school is out.
So excited I could shout.
I wanted to share a bit of fun with you.
I will send mail from me to you.
In the letter you will find a puzzling thing
Just a few pieces of a picture, you might think I’m a ding a ling.
Not enough pieces you say.
I might not have sent enough today.
Save all the pieces until the summers end
And you will have enough pieces my friend.

Every week for the next 10 weeks my kids will make cards and mail them in the numbered envelopes to two of their cousins. The card making gives them something to do and hopefully their cousins will want to mail a letter back to them. I hope their cousins will be excited and will check their mailbox every day not knowing when the next pieces will come. If all goes well next year we will do the same thing for a couple of other cousins.


Connie Weiss said...

What a FABULOUS idea! I love it!

Amy said...

I never thought of this. That is such a great idea.

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

Great idea! Thank you!

Jana said...

Melissa, I need some of your creative brain power!!! That sounds so dang fun and clever!! :)

Vivienne said...

Cute idea! I bet that would be super fun to do as a Christmas countdown too!
Clever girl!

Jane said...

This is one of the nicest ideas! I am going to do this myself with my little cousins. Thanks for the inspiration!

~~Mel~~ said...

What a fabulous idea! Who doesn't like getting fun's the bills we could live without lol.