Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's day idea's 5-10

I forgot my Round Robin Button. Click here to get to Amy's blog. There you will find links to a lot of smart gals blog with tips and idea's for all sorts of things.
Mother's Day is almost here. All ten of my posted idea's can be done last minute by just about anyone. If you missed the fist 5 click here.
6.Clean. Not fun for you, but great for Mom. Clean her bathroom, working in the young, wash dishes, wash the car inside and out. This is great for young and more mature Mom's.:)
7.Help the kids paint Terra Cotta pots. Then plant pansies of other small flowers. Be sure to seal the paint.
8. Ah, the personalized brownie. Follow the directions on the box. Turn off oven. Chop up Mom's favorite candy bar, cookie, marshmallows and chocolate chips. Sprinkle on top place back in warm oven. Let melt together. If using dry ingredients like coconut, cookies or nuts, cool brownie first and frost then sprinkle on toppings.

Pictured above is chopped up Andes Mints, coconut and chocolate chips, Heath bars, Rolos, Peanut butter cups, white chocolate chips and Macadamia nuts, Marshmallows and chocolate chips. I did a variety to make this post a little more interesting. The best ones were marshmallow and peanut butter cups.

The mini m&m's turned out great.

Wrap in cellophane or serve on a plate.

9. Home Made jewelry. Take the kids on a rock hunt. Wash the small stones and wrap wire around them. I used a small gauge wire that didn't hold as well. Be sure to find a wire larger than 24 gauge. Wal Mart carries the wire. Be sure to pick up a chain in the craft section or ribbon. Wrap the wire around the stone several times and then wrap the wire around a pen to form a loop.

Hang on necklace chain or ribbon.

10. This one is for Dad to make Mom just to show her a little love this Mother's day. Chisel, carve, paint or write a note on the back of the headboard, a picture, chair or buy a piece of wood. Just so she knows it's there. Here, I bought a small wooden plaque at Wal Mart. It was about $1.15, found in the craft section. I painted it antique white first then a dark brown. I had planned on using a dremel to carve our initials, but I couldn't find it. So I used a q-tip on the top layer while the paint was wet.

Happy Mother's Day!


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by again. I love the brownies. I hope you come by again. Happy Mother's Day...

Anissa said...

Love the brownies -- I am a big brownie freak -- TFS

Happy Mothers Day

Britney said...

Wonderful ideas Miss. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Amy said...

I left you something on my blog.