Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Did anyone watch the Biggest Looser finale last night? The host, I think her name is Alison, just had a baby and you should have seen her last night in her teeny tiny little blue dress. She looked awesome. I just wanted to throw cupcakes at her. Frosted ones, so they stick real good. Maybe a few sprinkles or so.

This weeks Me Makeover question given to us by the lovely Amber @ {ae Filkins} is: Show us your inspiration picture. Of yourself skinny, of yourself fat, of a celebrity that inspires you to keep going. I don't have a picture, but I will definitely keep a mental picture of Alison in the front of my mind. I also use my always tiny sister-in-law and another sister-in-law, who has gone down several pant sizes in the past several months, for inspiration.

After last Wednesday's post I felt so encouraged by every one's words, that I did fairly well. By Friday, I had let life get to me again and I was heading down that sugary path of emotional eating. On Sunday I was given the flu as a Homemade Mother's Day gift. I guess that got me back on track.

So, last night I was starving. I wanted to eat so bad. I remembered that irritating special K commercial. You know the one, beautiful skinny girl gets hungry late at night. She in front of the open refrigerator looking at all the enticing treats and a half eaten cake, which you know the neighbors must have put there, because we are looking at a bean pole of a girl who obviously lives alone. The light bulb pops up over her head, she turns towards the already open cupboard, leaving the refrigerator door wide open. What an energy waster. She grabs the box of cereal and is oh so very satisfied. Well I had the bowl of cereal and I was never satisfied! Don't trust the skinny girls!

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Connie Weiss said...

I totally agree about Alison! She had her baby the beginning of January! I follow her on Twitter and she is always exercising!

I have a new secret weapon for my night time eating! If I feel like I want something...I go get a glass of water. If I still want something after I drink that glass...then I get something but I'm usually full. Of water!

Have a great week!

Jana said...

I know she looked fantastic, I want to throw the cup cakes at her with you..........LOL I am a horrible night time eater, the thing that helps me is if I work out at night I am more likely to eat an apple and string cheese for a snack rather than my usual bag of pepperoni and bag of dove caramel chocolates. (oh and don't forget the salt and vinegar chips, oh yeah and the peach rings!!) wow I eat a lot!! I am trying and you have helped motivate me, thank you tons!!! Keep it up!!!

Xazmin said...

That special K girl IS so annoying! As if cereal can satisfy night time snack cravings!

I always eat my popcorn at night. Not very many calories and it helps me feel full!

J.J. said...

She did look great last night! I loved the color of her dress on her.

Although I do love cereal, I will have to agree that that cereal will never be a substitute for chocolate cake. hee hee
Have a great week!

Annie said...

I have no clue about the show cause I haven't been following BUT you totally left me hanging! WHAT did you end up eating? I hope it was some of those delicious brownies you showed a couple of posts ago... I pull that picture up just to stare at them. I close my eyes and pretend like I can actually taste them! Not very motivating, I know but YOU MAKE SOME AMAZING TREATS!!!

shortmama said...

Cereal just doesnt cut it for me either! Good luck this week!

Vivienne said...

I caught the last 5 minutes, even though I didn't watch any of the shows this season... yes, Alison looked great. I am loving your take on the Special K commercial!
Too funny.

Good luck this week.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Though I do love me a bowl of cereal, it is no substitute for treats, you are very right! Snacks are my weakness, and I can tell it's going to be worse now after I let myself indulge all weekend . . .

Best of luck for the coming week! :)

Amy said...

I saw her also. I was thinking wow after a having a child. I guess she had there help. Who knows. You are having a giveaway? I am a follower already.

Jen said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for coming over to my blog to encourage me! Yes, the wii fit program make your litte character nice and portly if you're overweight. But I'm discovering it's more fun this time around - my kids have done it much more than I have and they keep telling me "try this one!" There is strength training, yoga, balance activities, and aerobics.

You poor thing - I'm so sorry you had the flu on Mother's Day. Special K is good in some circumstances, but if you're ravenously hungry, it ain't gonna do the trick. Glad you're back on track. ;)

3 Peas in a Pod said...


I haven't watched the BL yet but I have been noticing Alison looked amazing after she came back to the show one week after having the baby. She's unbelievable!!

I'm sorry you were sick for Mother's Day. I say the same thing after being sick, at least I probably lost some weight.

Good luck this coming week. So proud of you for choosing the cereal. I eat Special K every day for breakfast and it's not filling at all.

Much love from NJ,

Bobbi Jo said...

She did look great but each of us has our own body to deal with. Have a great week.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

onegirliegirl said...

That Alison!! It must be first baby weight loss! {Do not want to know if it's not}!!

Uh, hubby recorderd over biggest loser finale...who won?!

Can't eat cereal for a snack!! What the heck?! Don't trust the skinny girls!!

xoxo ~Lisa

Amber said...

I also love your take on that commercial. I laugh every time I see it, but I love your attention to detail.

What Special K do you eat? I love the Fruit & Yogurt, and the Blueberry, and the Chocolatey Delight is pretty good too. I eat it every morning, and sometimes for dinner when it's a 'fend for yourself' kind of night.

You're gonna do great this week!! Rock it girl!

Amber said...

Oh, I thought Alison looked great last night too! I pointed it out to hubby. I am still surprised that Helen won. She looked a little sickly. I think 115 is too small for her. But Tara looked amazing!

~~Mel~~ said...

I just came across your blog through Lisa's (onegirliegirl) and I think I'll stick around!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I agree...I think Alison is gorgeous!!

Funny comment about the Special K commercial. I know I definitely would not be full! Hope you're feeling back to normal.