Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Bead Happy

I never been very girly. I just am now getting in touch with my soft chewy center. My girls have been benefiting from my new interest in all things pink and poofy. Recently, I have been putting more of an effort into their hair. Thanks to blogs about little girls hair dos and my neighbor who should go in the hair book of geniuses for the fabulous styles she gives her girls, my girls are looking a bit more kept. When it comes to hair embellishments there are a lot of options every where you go. However, I have got to be a creative and a smidgen frugal. I have come up several idea's already as seen here and here. So now I will share one more idea.
You will need:
24 gauge wire
Package of beads (I got the pkg. shown in the picture at Wal Mart for $2)
Package of bobby pins
A few of the beads and bobby pins is all you will need.
Select 2 coordinating beads and cut about 3"-4" inches of the wire.
Slide one bead onto one end of the wire leaving enough wire to wrap around bead.

Push end of wire through the other side of the bead. You can do this a couple of times to secure the bead. Pull tight.

Twist the wire together with the top part of the remaining wire. ( I know, I need a new camera and maybe a new end user. If you have any suggestions for a new camera I am listening. If you know of any Internet camera classes I am still listening.)

Do the same with the other bead on the opposite end.

Then slip wire into bobby pin with a bead on each side.

Twist beads until secure on the bobby pin.

Then decorate that cute little head of hair. With these cute little buggers you can make one to coordinate with each of your bows and flower clips.

Seriously, so cheap. So easy. So cute.


onegirliegirl said...

What a great idea!! Going to do some!

xoxo ~Lisa

Amy said...

That is a wonderful idea. This is so neat...

MiMi said...

Ah, that's really cool! : )