Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Sweet Summer Field Trip

Who doesn't love a summer field trip to break up their week. Be sure to put Krispy Kreme on your list. Why a donut store? Well Krispy Kreme provides a special opportunity for you and your children to watch the manufacturing process. I'll bet it's a day they will remember for summers to come. Be sure to call ahead and ask for times they will be making donuts. You may want to plan this soon because the company has been said to be struggling right now. I would hate to see such a fun and educational store to be closed.
Want to add a little more fun to your field trip? Take along a couple of books about donuts. Search your local library or do an Internet search. I found several books on and they qualify for free shipping.


MiMi said...

LOVE.KRISPY.KREME. I love when they have that "hot and fresh" sign on...our closest is 100 miles away, but we have been known, when gas was cheaper, to go up there just to go in and look at them making em, and then bring home a bunch!: )
They're even good if you freeze em!

Amy said...

that is a great idea. we do not have any around us that i know of.

Xazmin said...

Oh MAN! Now I want donuts!

Layla said...

Ohhhh... I am totally doing that TODAY! We're heading south and it was requested by the kids to stop by "the donut making place". Don't forget to ask for the FREE HATS!!