Monday, June 15, 2009

Like cake pops, but easier.

I know I don't need to go on and on about the glories of Bakerella. There are not many of us who haven't gone over to visit her and drool over her beautiful photos of beautiful food. If you haven't been over recently, her newest post is a must see.
After doing a post on my attempt at cake pops, I received a lot of comments from other lovely ladies who had tried the little buggers. Although very cute, they are very aggravating to make. I later made a post of my marshmallow version of Bakerella's flower cake pops, seen here.
Have you ever cut into a wedding cake just to find out it's a Rice Krispie treat? There is a reason the professionals use Rice Krispie treats, one of those reasons is the fact it's easy to work with. The following is a demonstration of using Rice Krispie treats in place of cake and frosting. Giving you the rice krispie pop. Use this method for making Bakerella's cute creations.
Mix a batch of Rice Krispies using your favorite recipe. I added an extra 1/2 cup of marshmallows. I had to add this photo. My spatula broke in mid stroke.
Roll balls, squeezing the krispies tight. I also patted the mixture flat, about 3/4 inch thick, so I could cut out stars. Re-pat scraps and cut out more. Use leftovers to roll balls. (For best results, dip stick in melted chocolate/candy before inserting. Then let dry overnight. This will keep the stick from coming out the top.) Insert sticks. I let the treats stiffen over night.(I did the treat part at 11:00 pm. So, I was just to tired to finish.)
The next photo is a little out of place. I wish I new how to move photos around.
Melt chocolate. Dip balls or cut outs. Roll in sprinkles.

A good place to buy you lollipop sticks is JoAnns. You get more for your money than at Wal Mart.

The two pictures below are of marshmallows. If you plan on covering your treats with these cute little bags, remember to make you balls small.

I got tired of rolling balls. So, I made 3 big ones. Then drizzled the last little bit of all the chocolates on top. I think I will wrap these up and give them to friends.

Roll, dip and eat like crazy.


Jana said...

How do you have all this time, your kids must be so good and independant!!! Good job, those are cute and they look delicious!! :)

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

looks yummy!

MiMi said...

Those look SO good! They are probably easier for the kids to eat with less mess too! :)

Amber said...

So yummy!! And I would imagine that Rice Krispy treats are SO much easier to work with. Wish you would've written this like um, 2 weeks ago when I did my daughters birthday party! I nixed the bakerella pops as soon as I read all the directions,lol.

Oh, by the way, when you want to move pictures around, just right click & cut. Then, go to the spot you want to paste it, click, then make sure you are tabbed left. If it's set to center, it will highlight your entire post, and will delete if you paste. Once you're tabbed left, then paste away!! :)

Xazmin said...

YUM! My 2 year old is looking over my shoulder, "are you gonna make dat for me mama?" "I want dat".

TexasTwinsTwice said...

GREAT IDEA!! I wasn't even going to attempt Bakerella's version, but this I think I can do =) Thanks for sharing!